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Construction and Engineering


OrientAktion specializes in recruitment for the construction and engineering sectors, providing expert staffing solutions across Ontario, including major cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and London. Our mission is to connect leading construction and engineering firms with the skilled professionals they need to drive projects and innovation forward.


Our Expertise:

With a team of consultants who bring decades of industry-specific experience, we understand the nuances of construction and engineering recruitment. This deep insight allows us to effectively match candidates with roles that suit their skills and career ambitions.

Our Services:

Construction Staffing

From site managers and civil engineers to skilled tradespeople and laborers

Engineering Recruitment

Covering a range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineering.

Project Management

Staffing for all levels of project management within the construction and engineering fields

Technical and Safety Compliance

Recruitment for roles that ensure projects meet industry standards and safety regulations

Roles We Recruit For:

Why Choose OrientAktion?

  • Tailored Recruitment Solutions: Our strategies are designed to meet the unique demands of the construction and engineering sectors.
  • Expert Guidance: Our consultants offer in-depth industry knowledge to both clients and candidates.
  • Rapid Placement: We quickly fill vacancies to minimize project delays.
  • Comprehensive Support: From credential verification to ongoing placement support, we manage every detail.

How We Help Job Seekers:

At OrientAktion, we guide job seekers through the process of finding rewarding careers in construction and engineering. We provide personalized support, from identifying opportunities to negotiating job offers, ensuring our candidates are well-prepared and confident.


Screening and Selection Process:

Our rigorous selection process includes technical assessments, face-to-face interviews, and detailed reference checks. We ensure that candidates not only meet the technical requirements but also align with the cultural and safety standards of the prospective employer.

FAQs for Construction & Engineering Recruitment

What types of construction and engineering roles do you specialize in?

We specialize in a broad range of roles, from hands-on engineering positions to strategic management roles in the construction sector.

How do you verify the qualifications and experience of candidates?

We conduct thorough background checks, certification verifications, and skills assessments to ensure candidates meet all professional standards.

Can you provide staffing for urgent or short-term projects?

Yes, our flexible staffing solutions cater to both temporary and permanent staffing needs, ensuring rapid response for project-based requirements.

What makes OrientAktion a leader in construction and engineering recruitment?

Our dedicated focus on the construction and engineering industries and our proactive recruitment approach set us apart.

How quickly can OrientAktion fill a vacancy in construction or engineering?

We pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly fill vacancies, thanks to our extensive candidate network and streamlined recruitment process.

Do you offer recruitment services for specialized engineering fields?

Absolutely, we recruit for specialized engineering fields such as environmental, biomedical, and chemical engineering.

How can job seekers apply for positions?

Candidates can apply directly through our website, where they can also find valuable resources and additional support tailored to the construction and engineering industries.


What regions in Ontario do you serve?

We provide recruitment services throughout Ontario, including major urban centers and surrounding areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

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