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Healthcare and Caregiving


OrientAktion is dedicated to meeting the critical staffing needs of the healthcare and caregiving sectors across Ontario. Our specialized recruitment services are crafted to connect healthcare facilities and caregiving organizations with top-tier medical professionals and caregivers in cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and London.

Our Expertise:

Our team includes recruitment consultants with years of experience in the healthcare and caregiving sectors. This background gives us a unique perspective on the specific needs and challenges of these industries, allowing us to identify and place candidates who not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our Services:

Clinical Staffing

Connecting healthcare facilities with nurses, doctors, and specialist clinicians


Staffing for personal support workers, home care aides, and long-term care facilities

Medical Administration

Recruitment for healthcare administration roles including medical secretaries, billing specialists, and practice managers

Allied Health Professionals

Placement of therapists, technologists, and other allied health professionals

Roles We Recruit For:

Why Choose OrientAktion?

Choosing OrientAktion as your healthcare staffing partner offers:

  • Access to a network of highly qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Customized recruitment strategies designed to meet specific healthcare staffing needs.
  • Comprehensive support in navigating compliance and credential verification.
  • Flexible staffing solutions to accommodate both temporary and permanent placement needs.

How We Help Job Seekers:

Guiding growth and unlocking potential in the healthcare sector, we assist job seekers by connecting them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities. We provide personalized support, from resume advice to interview preparation, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and positioned to succeed.

Our Screening and Selection Process:

Our rigorous screening process for healthcare and caregiving candidates includes credential verification, detailed interviews, skills validation, and thorough background checks. We assess candidates not just for their technical skills but also for their empathy, compassion, and fit within patient-centered care environments.

Our FAQs for our Healthcare & Caregiving Recruitment Services

Why choose OrientAktion for healthcare and caregivers recruitment?
  • Extensive Network: We have a vast network of healthcare facilities, hospitals, home care agencies, and senior living communities, providing you with access to a wide range of job opportunities.

  • Personalized Service: Our dedicated healthcare and caregiving recruitment specialists take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring we match you with the right position.

  • Competitive Compensation: We strive to secure competitive compensation packages for our candidates, recognizing the value of your expertise and dedication.

  • Career Advancement: We are committed to helping you advance in your healthcare career, offering opportunities for growth and development.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking a new challenge or a caregiver looking to make a meaningful impact, OrientAktion is your trusted partner in healthcare and caregiving recruitment.

What healthcare and caregiving roles do you specialize in recruiting?

We specialize in a wide range of roles, from clinical positions like nurses and therapists to caregiving and administrative support.


How do you ensure the quality and compatibility of candidates?

Our in-depth screening process includes verifying certifications, conducting behavioral interviews, and assessing cultural fit to ensure candidates meet both the qualifications and the compassionate qualities essential in healthcare.

Can you handle urgent or temporary staffing needs?

Absolutely, our flexible staffing solutions are designed to swiftly address both urgent and long-term staffing needs in the healthcare sector.

How quickly can OrientAktion fill a vacancy?

Our response times are competitive, with the ability to quickly source and present qualified candidates due to our proactive recruitment strategies and extensive candidate database.


What sets OrientAktion apart in healthcare recruitment?

Our consultants’ industry experience and our commitment to understanding the unique needs of healthcare environments set us apart.

How quickly can OrientAktion fill healthcare vacancies?

Our proactive recruitment strategies and extensive candidate network enable us to fill vacancies efficiently, reducing downtime for healthcare providers.

Do you provide support for credentialing and compliance?

Yes, we manage all aspects of credential verification and compliance, ensuring all placements meet necessary healthcare standards.

How can healthcare professionals apply for jobs?

Job seekers can easily apply through our website, where they can also access resources and support tailored to the healthcare industry.

What geographic areas do you serve within Ontario?

We serve multiple areas including Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and London, ensuring coverage across key regions in Ontario.

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